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Work Orders and Work Requests

Work Orders can be submitted by:

1. Filling out the online work order form

2.  Emailing our office at

(Building name, Room number, Contact name & Phone number must be provided)

3. Calling the Work Order Desk at 482-6440

4. Filling out the work order form and mailing in through inter-office mail

For a Key Request:

Please email the Key Request Form to

For a Work Request (construction projects above regular maintenance):

Please contact Facility Planning at 482-2001

For Pest Control (insects, rodents, etc.):

Please contact Facility Management at 482-6441

For Elevator Problems (elevator cars not running, Doors not opening or closing, and leveling issues):

Please contact the Work Order Desk at 482-6440

**Note:  Please do not email elevator request**

Solid Waste Services (trash removal, dumpsters and recycling containers):

Please contact Grounds Services at 482-6440

For more information see the UL Lafayette Office Of Sustainability

Hazardous Waste Disposal (used and unused chemical disposal & empty drums):

Please contact the Safety Office at 482-1049 or 482-5357