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Request Types

  Work Orders (routine maintenance or repair)

(Building name, room number, contact name & phone number must be provided)

  • As a last resort or incase of emergency, call the work order desk at 482-6440.
  • Maintenance problems may be reported 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

  Key Request

  Work Request (area renovation or remodel)

  • *Construction projects above routine maintenance*
  • Please contact Facility Planning at 482-2001

  Pest Control

(insects, rodents, etc.)
  • Please contact Facility Management at 482-6440

  Elevator Problems

(not running, doors not opening/closing, leveling issues)
  • Please contact the Work Order Desk at 482-6440
  • **Do not email elevator request**

  Solid Waste Services

(trash removal, dumpsters and recycling containers)

  Hazardous Waste Disposal

(used/unused chemical disposal & empty drums)
  • Please contact the Safety Office at:
    • 482-1049
    • 482-1840
    • 482-5357