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Facility Management Department:

24-Hour Emergency Phone Number:  337-482-6440

Accounts Payable and Receivables:  337-851-6618

Vendor Inquiries:  337-482-2001

Physical Address:

Parker Hall
310 E. Lewis St.
Lafayette, LA 70503

Mailing Address:

University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Facility Management Department
PO Box 43646
Lafayette, LA 70504


Phone:  337-482-2001
Email:  Bill Crist
Email:  Dana Jones
Central Receiving & Store
Phone:  337-482-6624
Email:  Shawn Rubin
Environmental Health & Safety
Phone:  337-482-1840
Email: Joey Pons
Email:  Stephanie Dugas
Air Conditioning, Electrical, & Plumbing
Phone:  337-482-2001
Email:  Terry Jenkins
Email:  Michael Meaux
Facility Planning
Phone:  337-482-2001
Email:  John Wales
Email:  Ken Savage
Email:  Allen Bonnet
Grounds & Tree Services
Phone:  337-482-2001
Email:  Michael Hess
Keys & Locks
Phone:  337-482-2001
Email:  Harold Guidry
Motor Pool
Phone:  337-482-6109
Email:  Ward Vannoy
Property Control
Phone:  482-6441
Email:  Mindy Reed
Email:  Missy Rankin
Email:  Glade Hebert
Purchasing Control
Phone:  337-482-2001
Email:  Nan Laviolette
Telephone & Data Services
Phone:  337-482-6418