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About Us

At Facilities Management, we are responsible for the overall maintenance and operation of the buildings, grounds, and equipment on the UL Lafayette campus. We strive to provide quick and quality services to all faculty, staff, students, alumni, and visitors. Our efforts ensure that students and faculty may pursue their academic interests in a friendly, comfortable, safe, and attractive environment.


Athletic Facilities
Maintenance, repairs, and beatification of stadiums, fields, buildings, and grounds.
Business Services
Accounting & finance, requisitions, chrome river, human resources, keys, & work orders.
Construction & Contract Management
Manage construction projects and third-party contracts.
Design and Preconstruction
FP&C projects, capital outlay, architectural & mechanical plans, drafting, maps, and utilities.
Environmental Health and Safety
EH&S program, safety training, emergency plans, hazardous materials, FEMA claims.
Inspections and Compliance
Inspections of roofs, fire safety systems, fume hoods, elevators, housing areas, and asbestos.
Maintenance and Repairs
Shops: carpentry, electrical, plumbing, paint, hvac, special events, grounds, keys, welding, and housing.
Property Control and Receiving
Movable equipment asset management, inventory, tagging, receiving and distribution.
NIRC Facilities
Manage the maintenance, repairs, and day to day projects of all NIRC facilities.